Gear Operated Pinch Valve Operated Pinch Valves

Gear Operated Pinch Valve

Gear Operated Pinch Valve

To handle regulating and throttling function, gear operated pinch valves are used. It is exclusively used for the applications in which high torque is required. It is available with reinforced lugs and elastomer sleeves. It is used to offer tight shut off and to avoid accidental situations. So to eliminate any emergent situation, the self locking system as gear operated pinch valves is used. It is available with more connection options. It is light in weight.


Type of Pinch Valve

Industrial Pinch Valve

Flowrise Pinch Valve

Chain Operated Pinch Valve

Close Body Pinch Valve

Open Body Pinch Valve
Gear Operated Pinch Valve

Spare Pinch Valve Sleeve



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